October 1 Kicks-Off ABS Awareness Month!

By Elisabeth Axel, President & Creative Director, Art Beyond Sight

Photo of Elisabeth Axel

Elisabeth Axel,
President & Creative Director,
Art Beyond Sight

For 11 years, ABS and our partners around the world have been celebrating Awareness Month in October. This exciting time of the year gives museums and cultural institutions the opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of making arts and culture accessible to people with disabilities.  Here’s how you can get involved with ABS Awareness Month activities:

  • Connect with ABS on Facebook and Twitter
  • Submit a story to ABS that features your accessible programs for our Awareness Month Blog. Learn more here.
  • Participate in the free ABS Crash Course on October 27. Access the schedule in advance to find sessions of interest to you and your colleagues.
  • Visit the ABS Awareness Month website to access the ABS Inclusion Toolkit and to learn more about Awareness Month.

As always, feel free to contact our team at Art Beyond Sight if you have any questions.  Email us at Administrator@ArtBeyondSight.org.