Review of purchase of thread other than massage chair rental (popular product on 안마사이트)

Decided to purchase a massage chair from the massage site(안마사이트)

As I have a lot of work these days, I have a lot of overtime and I’m spending my days like crazy. I have a lot of paperwork, so I have a lot of muscles on my shoulder and I often get massages, and it’s expensive, but I always have a vague time to go and get more than an hour. So I decided to buy a massage chair from the massage site. I compared the characteristics and cost-effectiveness, and I thought it was okay. After work like that, I decided to buy it because I wanted to get healing to warm up every day.

The massage product I chose is Illusion from the domestic Incloud brand! The criteria for long-term search and selection are domestic brands and A/S companies that don’t spend too much advertising money, such as TV celebrity advertisements. We decided after carefully looking at the reviews of massage site (안마사이트), which is easy to consult and follow-up management because it is a domestic company and is not a brand that uses a lot of money for advertising!!

안마사이트 인기 안마의자

After checking all the models sold on the Incloud massage chair homepage and on the massage site(안마사이트), the products that were selected as candidates will decide between the in9 4D model and the Illusion model. I’m calling the customer center because I want to get a detailed consultation because it’s outside my search capability. As expected, these two models are the most popular models
After hearing the detailed explanation, I heard that Illusion model will soon have a home shopping massage chair sales discount event for Family Month!!

As expected… It’s a good thing I called. I searched the in-cloud counselor and checked the information that I can check right away. First of all, I searched for massage chairs for two to three weeks and one of the most important things was to purchase products with long installments on the seat, not used or rented. The monthly fee for rental is not big, but I heard that it will cost about 30% more if you finally pay it later. It’s quite a burden, so I looked into home shopping, but most of the massage chairs on home shopping were for rent. But the INCLOUD massage chair that will air next week is for sale, not rental.

The Illusion model that I wanted there! The Incloud Illusion AI Voice Recognition Massage Chair is broadcast on the massage site(안마사이트) home shopping. You can buy it in advance on massage site(안마사이트), so I bought it under the same conditions. It’s not a big burden to buy products other than rental because it’s a 60% discount on home shopping and has no interest in installments for 24 months.

After purchasing a massage chair, review of use

This is the review after purchasing it in advance. In the case of a full-body massage machine, no matter how much it fits the human body’s curvature, there are parts that float because the size doesn’t fit. (Maybe it’s because he’s the only one who’s experienced it?) But this product recognizes and levelles according to my body, so it’s really good to hold it comfortably. In particular, it also includes a heating function that warms the body, so it seems to help stabilize the body. When I turn on this heating function, my body loses strength and I fall asleep.

There were a lot of programs. You can choose 10 automatic courses and 9 manual courses. You can get it by body part, so if you feel uncomfortable with your legs, you can get it intensively, so it’s very convenient. The size was more perfect than I thought. It’s equipped with an auto sliding function so that you can use it just 10 centimeters away from the wall.

I felt that it was really designed to manage space efficiently. Also, it can be adjusted from various angles, so you can get a massage comfortably from an angle less affected by gravity. I thought it was a very scientific design that I couldn’t think of normally. I received a rug as an event when I bought it. It was really good because it seemed to relieve the impact on the floor in the perfect size for the product. It’s not complicated and very simple because you only need to connect the main line.

I’m sure there are many people who have different products as home shopping massage chairs. This enclosure was very convenient because it had a lot of the latest features. First of all, it is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to music or receiving a massage. It’s nice to be able to listen to the songs you want and heal through the connection with your smartphone.

There was also a separate space for remote control and cell phone. There is also a USB charging port so that you can charge it when you get a massage while using your cell phone. I felt the delicacy because it reflected convenience in many ways.

The pillow part was really comfortable because the cushion was really soft. I heard that the massage ball built in from the neck to the hip is independent. Maybe that’s why it moves independently to maximize the coolness. The waist and pelvis help balance the spine with twist air massage. Maybe that’s why after getting a massage, my back feels straightened and I feel very refreshed.

Artificial intelligence leveling capabilities

The cool thing about Incloud Illusion, which I bought as a home shopping massage chair, was that it was air massage in various areas. It maximizes comfort and even brings coolness. It was especially good to be able to compensate for the strength felt by lowering the built-in air cushion if it hurts while receiving it. The height of the arm part also varies depending on the location, perhaps because it is designed according to the bending of the human body. It was one of the parts where I could feel how much concern and optimization design were included in each part.

When I put my arm in, it leveled my body perfectly and started massaging. It was stimulated in various ways according to the program I chose, and my body became really cool. The legs are not integrated with the calves and feet, but they are separated, so I thought it would have a detailed function. I usually get tired around my legs, but it’s good because I can take care of it intensively. In addition, the thermal function of my back, back, and soles was really good enough to relieve my fatigue.

I sat with my legs in the massage chair for home shopping, so I held them to fit my bodyThere was no room for improvement. With a 4D calf scrub, the airbags on both sides and the back rotate to release the lumps. It seemed like you were rubbing it with your hands, so I felt a great deal of sophistication. Even the length of the legs can be adjusted up to 15 centimeters, so it’s really convenient to use because you can adjust it according to your body shape. This product is light gray, so you can put it comfortably in the interior of your house or in the space you want.

Smart remote control capabilities

It’s really convenient to operate all of this with a remote control. What was especially good that was differentiated from other products was the voice recognition function. It was called High Incloud, and then you say what you want, and it works on its own. It would be uncomfortable to get back up and operate with the remote control while lying down, but I could use this product very comfortably because I just had to say it. The Incloud mark is very luxurious and there’s a blue mood light, so I felt that you paid a lot of attention to the design. Moreover, it was good to be able to use the electrical appliance safety certification with confidence. In particular, we are conducting from follow-up management to after-sales service, so it is possible to respond quickly in case of a problem.

There’s nothing to be jealous of if you get healed with a massage chair on home shopping these days, right? I bought it in advance, but it’s going to be on air soon (it’s going to be on sale even afterwards) so check it out!

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