Apgujeong Swedish Massage Review (ft. 오피 잘하는 집)

I found the Apgujeong branch of Healing Therapy Massage, a Swedish massage specialty store. I had an experience of receiving a Swedish massage in Seolleung before, but the massage was painless and I was healed by branded scented oil care, and came back to find a Swedish massage. The location is within a 5-minute walk from Exit 5 of Apgujeong Rodeo Station, so it is very accessible when using public transportation. It is a unique building with curved lines, so it is easy to find.

Healing Therapy Massage Arrival

When you arrive at the building, you must ring this bell to enter. It is located on the 4th floor of the building, so I took the elevator and went straight up. Friendly staff greeted you at the door. I can say that TooS customer service is one of the best massage parlors I’ve been to. We do our best to make sure our customers can rest their body and mind comfortably. It’s perfect for healing.

Swedish Massage 오피 Apgujeong

OP house (오피 잘하는 집) is a space where professional body artists take care of themselves, and you can feel the rest of your body and take time for yourself and take care of yourself. All cosmetics in the shop are from Aveda. All products other than essential oils, shower products, and moisturizing products are prepared from Aveda products. I love the Aveda brand, but the price is too high to buy home, which is great news for me.

Upon arrival, select the desired chakra number and the staff will hand you the oil that matches the number. Just smell the scent and choose your favorite oil. I chose Chakra No. 6 oil, and I liked the heavy and neutral scent. Instead of the mineral oil or synthetic oil used in general massage shops, 100% natural oil based on jojoba and almonds is blended with the essential oils of Aveda products of the customer’s choice and massaged with this blended oil.

After the consultation, I decided to receive an 80-minute treatment focusing on the back of the neck, back, waist, pelvis, and lower body, and I went straight to the shower room for a simple shower. It has been cleaned and organized so you can rest assured. Towels, disposable shower towels, and toothpaste and toothbrush are set sensibly, and all body products are from the Aveda line.

This is a single room that has been managed. ​It was good because it was large in size, so it was not stuffy, and it was a very calm atmosphere with warm warmth, so I had an atmosphere where I was completely focused on myself. It was clean because it is a place that uses disposables and thoroughly disinfects and disinfects to prevent corona.

There was a locker to store clothes in the room, and the air purifier was running, so I felt comfortable. The 6th chakra oil I will be managing is set. They also prepared hot tea in advance. Is the service really good?

80 minutes of management is over. When I was taken care of, the lighting was darker than it is now, so I couldn’t see well. You can’t see it even when you take off your clothes, so it’s not burdensome at all. After the massage, I went straight home and allowed the oil to completely penetrate into my body without a shower. The next day, I felt that my skin texture was very soft and not as dry as usual.

For office workers, I recommend taking the time to focus on yourself and take care of yourself at 오피, where you can enjoy a luxurious healing Swedish massage in Apgujeong without leaving your busy life behind.

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