OP brunch signature brunch cafe (오피 restaurant)

Rooftop with good OP restaurants

I went to a popular signature brunch cafe as a date course, which is famous for its atmospheric space and rooftop in 오피 restaurant. The signature brunch cafe is located in Konkuk University Food Alley, 5 minutes from Exit 3 of Konkuk University Station. It’s a white-colored detached building, so you can see it from afar.

It is easy to access by public transportation, but you have to use the nearby public parking lot or paid parking lot when you move by your own car. 오피 Building 528 I used the parking lot
The fee is 1,000 won per 10 minutes, and it was 4,000 won after using the brunch cafe.

오피 restaurant

The exterior is so pretty, right? It’s a clean and sophisticated feeling of white. You’re already curious about the inside, right? I think I put a lot of effort into the interior as well. Each prop was cute and pretty. I think I make various desserts and bakeries myself. We were guided to the second floor.

There’s a small photo zone next to the counter. It’s a small office space. It’s healing, right? It’s on the 2nd floor. There was a shop on the 2nd floor that was good at OP service (오피), but it moved. The place where the OP service shop moved is called Zlan Guide. Maybe because the space on the second floor is bigger, there are more customers on the second floor than on the first floor.

A Roman holiday movie was playing through the beam projector. Overall, the lighting is dark, and it’s a quiet. It’s on the menu at the Signature Brunch cafe. There are a variety of menus from brunch set to pasta, pizza, salad, burritos, and drinks. It’s perfect for brunch, lunch, and dinner, right?

Opie ordered a set of B (2-3 people) sirloin tomato pasta + gorgonzola pizza + ricotta cheese shrimp salad. I thought set A would be too small.
As expected, the two of us cleared the B set food.

We did a famous rooftop tour on the rooftop SNS of Konkuk University Branch Signature Branch Cafe. There was no one because of the cold weather, so I took pictures freely. Isn’t the sky above the signature logo so pretty? If the first and second floors are dark and quiet, the Luftop feels bright and fun under the blue sky. I think the meal at the rooftop will be more atmospheric in warm weather.

This is the basic setting. Lemon water is cold and refreshing. Gundae Brunch Ricotta Cheese Shrimp Salad It’s a salad with savory ricotta cheese, fresh shrimp, and basil pesto. The taste of homemade ricotta cheese makes the chubby shrimp go in one bite.
The dressing is sweet and sour, so it blends well with shrimp, ricotta cheese, and vegetables to make your appetite go up. Gorgonzola pizza with a lot of savory cheese came out with honey. Opie likes Gorgonzola so much that she disappeared in no time. The combination of moderately baked dough and cheese is art. Pickles need to be requested separately.

It’s sirloin tomato pasta, the signature menu of the signature brunch cafe with top-quality sirloin on top of spicy tomato sauce. The soup sauce with tomatoes caught the greasiness of Gorgonzola well. There’s quite a lot of sirloin in it, and the noodles are so chewy that it’s wrapped around my mouth. The sauce was delicious, so I dipped the leftover sauce into the bread.

I finished this delicious weekend lunch. It’s an emotional cafe where you can enjoy drinks and desserts comfortably even if you don’t use brunch. I recommend Konkuk University Brunch Cafe, which has a good atmosphere.

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